Carpat Invest and Social Entrepreneurship

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The main objective of Carpat Invest is the integration on the labor market of people from disadvantaged categories, mainly people with disabilities.

Carpat Invest is authorized to operate as a Protected Unit, the contracting of our services having the character of deductibility for clients, conferred by law 448/2006, art. 78, supplemented by law 193/2020 which regulates this field.

The adaptation of an industrial production business and its transformation into a SOCIAL project is mainly based on the combination of inclusive and non-discriminatory human resources policies with the technical, logistical and professional expertise of this field.

The solutions developed by the group translate into financial benefits for our partners, all activity being governed by ETHICAL policies. Starting in 2021, Carpat Invest has started a partnership with Ability Hub, which means a firm decision by the group to invest in the long term in the field of social entrepreneurship.

Ability Hub is a group of Protected Units, companies, associations, employers and other types of entities with activities in the social economy. The group promotes the professional activity of people with disabilities, developing its own system of identification, evaluation, counseling and their integration into the labor market.

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